Take Me Out will include older contestants and a gender swap episode

The new series of Take Me Out will include older contestants and men behind the lights for the first time.

The dating show will have a special gender swap episode, with a woman coming down the love lift and picking from 30 male contestants from previous series.

Another special will be specially for over-50s seeing if they can win a trip to the Isle of Fernando’s.

Paddy McGuinness will return with the 10th series in early 2018.

Paddy McGuinness with some Take Me Out contestants

Image caption Paddy McGuinness has hosted the show since it started in 2010

“I always look forward to seeing romance blossom among a new line-up of ladies and gents, including the over 50s,” says Paddy McGuinness.

“I’m also going to be catching up with the couples who got together after meeting on the show.”

Seven weddings and three babies have come from the show, according to FremantleMedia, the company that makes the show.

A crowded beach in Puerto de la Cruz

Image caption The “Isle of Fernando’s” is actually a place called Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife – although it doesn’t look like this when they show it on TV

The show has been criticised in the past for focusing too much on the looks of the contestants without revealing much more about them.

There have also been concerns with the background checks done on contestants after it was revealed that one had previously been convicted of assault.

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